R.O.R., inc. Impacts Top Line Revenue

In the business lifecycle, even successful businesses reach a period where strategies and tactics that previously worked and created business value have lost their effectiveness. In this period, revenue becomes flat and growth is a thing of the past. The business is truly at an inflection point: Either break through or fall backwards.

R.O.R., inc. serves as your Strategic Top Line Revenue Partner for both start-ups and mature companies, providing C-level access to vetted prospects who fit your preferred profile. We help you to build indirect partnerships that provide you access to rich client pools – each of which are incented, motivated and willing to provide you direct access.

R.O.R., inc. Enhances Your Bottom Line

In today’s complex business environment, more than ever you must unlock value in all aspects of your business performance. R.O.R., inc. serves as your Strategic Bottom Line Partner, bringing critical solutions that impact infrastructure, capacity, scalability, growth and profitability.

R.O.R., inc. Brings Capital Partnerships

Let’s face it. The most successful businesses are both well planned and well capitalized. Acknowledging that not all business situations and capital needs are the same, cash remains the common lifeblood. However, cash can often be elusive for businesses, including start-ups and mature organizations.

R.O.R., inc. serves as your Capital Partner, helping you to jump higher and run faster by bringing all types of capital (equity, mezzanine, debt) to the table. Our capital partners desire and prefer to fund businesses of your type and maturity. And, we do it quickly and cost effectively.

R.O.R., inc. Drives Business Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing programs represent both very large business investments and the opportunity for extraordinary value creation. As businesses seek to realize the full value of sourcing, it is important to take into consideration the latest trends in risk, implementation, operating model structures and outsource, offshore, near-shore decisions.

R.O.R., inc. serves as your Strategic Sourcing Partner, bringing vetted, critical solutions that directly impact the operations and performance of your business.

We shorten the runway by acting as your outside fractional board, aggressively delivering the solutions that address any and all gaps Above and Below the Line.

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