Return on Relationship, inc. is an organization that is focused on providing its clients with vetted prospects and partners to boost the bottom line. We strategically focus on the cash while providing you with an ‘outside, fractional, C-level resource’ that allows you to focus on the demands of running your company.

We are not a consulting firm. We are a firm that delivers measurable outcomes with respect to client acquisition, expense reduction and capital/cash flow. We leverage years of strategic client acquisition, deals and partnerships to enhance your operations.

Return on Relationship, inc. partners have each grown public and private companies of all types. We offer your business the opportunity to cash in on their experience, expertise and Rolodex. It is ‘What you know AND Who you know’, that counts.

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“R.O.R. is a “must have” business partner due to their established and diverse relationships, financing resources, and integrity. We have collaborated in numerous endeavors to include credit tenant lease financing, land development for private hospital owners and surgeon groups, office building energy retrofit financed with energy expense savings, cost segregation, public private partnership financing, modular wall systems, deferred compensation, senior living development, and resort development. R.O.R.’s direct access to business principals and ability to advance a business idea makes them a valuable resource.”
KEN EBELING • CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, Fine Line Diversified Development

We shorten the runway by acting as your outside fractional board, aggressively delivering the solutions that address any and all gaps Above and Below the Line.